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“You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at the same time”. 

-Angela Robinson Witherspoon

Angela started her acting journey when she was cast in her first speaking role opposite Eddie Murphy in “48 Hours”, by famed producer Joel Silver.  Walter Hill was the director and he subsequently cast Angela in another movie, “Crossroads”, opposite Ralph Macchio.  She then joined the Rainbow Theatre Company and worked closely with Juney Smith and Vernee Watson Johnson performing classic plays of the African American experience.

In 1983 she traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico where she spent five weeks filming “Jungle Warriors” for German director, Ernst R. Von Theumer.  She did all her own stunts and had the pleasure of working with Dennis Hopper and firing an AK47. 

In 1985 she traveled to the Cannes Film Festival and had dinner with director Howard Avedis, who later cast her in “Kidnapped”, a Warner Bros. film starring David Naughton, where she would meet her future husband, John Witherspoon.

Angela gave birth to two beautiful boys, and continued to work in film and television in “Ugly Betty”, “Joan of Arcadia”, “Soul Plane”, “The Wayans Bros.”, “3rd Rock From The Sun”, “L.A. Law”, “The Meteor Man” and a starring role in “The Moment After”.

Angela returned to the stage when she did a full production of the Theresa Rebeck play, “Loose Knit”, at the Jewel Box Theatre.  Today she is creating evidence and delivering product while studying at the Richard Lawson Studios under Richard Lawson, at the WACO Theater Center in Los Angeles. Angela's upcoming roles can be found here.

Richard teaches that artists are more interesting when they become content creators.  Angela took this to heart, and in 2013, she added to her artistic repertoire by directing her first short film, “Last Call”.  She then wrote and directed the short, silent film “Sunset & Neverland”. She also produced and directed “Wish Me Luck”.  Angela's documentary “Curtsy, Mister”, based on the life story of Ronnie Grant, which she produced and directed, is currently screening around the world. Angela's next project is a new feature-length documentary about Artist Betye Saar, which she is producing and directing. Her directorial projects can be found here.


Angela would like to give credit to her mentor, Richard Lawson, for awakening the storyteller that was lying dormant inside of her while she raised her family and managed her other artistic endeavors. He believes “dreams don’t have expiration dates” and he’s made a believer out of Angela Robinson Witherspoon.

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