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November 2020: I have given out a few small grants to struggling actors. I am still editing my documentary on Betye Saar, and just wrapped a few socially distanced interviews for the film. So happy for my VP to-be Kamala Harris! We did it!

August 2020: I am staying safe at home, happily working on two documentary projects, and participating in fundraisers to get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected this November! I have also been giving small grants through my foundation, The Angela and John Witherspoon Family Foundation, to those struggling during quarantine. 

June 2020: Entering my fourth month of quarantine, I am working on in-home film projects, staying connected to friends and family, and searching for resources to finish my documentary on Ms. Betye Saar. 

May 2020: BLACK LIVES MATTER!! This month and every month!

January 2020: I am thrilled to be putting the final touches on my documentary about artist Betye Saar and the recent wave of  acclaim she has been receiving lately.  

December 2019: I played the role of Shirley Rhodes in "Hold On," directed by Tarek Tohme. 

November 2019: I appeared on an episode of "Black Jesus" which was filmed earlier that year. I had the pleasure of working alongside my late husband, John Witherspoon. 

October 2018: Look out for me on two episodes of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," where I play a no-nonsense judge. 


January 2018:  at the Jaipur International Film Festival.  I also had the pleasure of being interviewed on "Gossiping " podcast: .

December 2017: Shooting principal photography on my documentary, "The Betye Saar Project".  I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Eur This N That: adding to this busy month, I directed a music video for the talented artist, Demann Crawford.

November 2017:   I was cast in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" - I had a wonderful time playing a judge.  What's the verdict? Catch the show to find out!

October 2017:  Excited to be a part of the very funny show "Black Jesus" where I play the hysterical lunch lady. 

August 2017: 

May 2017: 

February 2017: I recurred as Cassie Campbell on CBS' "Criminal Minds" and worked opposite Matthew Gray Gubler and Jane Lynch. I was thrilled with my three directors, Oz Scott, Laura Belsey and Alec Smight. Shout out to casting director, Lisa Zambetti , who said, "You had a great ride, kid!"

September 23rd, 2016: Attended an early screening of "Hold On" at the Raleigh Studios in the Charlie Chaplin Theatre. The film stars Micayla De Ette, Luis Guzman, Beth Grant, John Savage and was directed by Tarek Tohme. I play Shirley Rhodes, Micayla's mother. It was amazing and I'm sure they will get distribution.

September 14th, 2016: Attended a retrospective exhibition of celebrated American artist, Betye Saar, which is being curated by the Fondazione Prada in Milan. 1,500 people were in attendance. Betye Saar has been a leading figure and chronicler of the birth and evolution of today's art.

September 1st, 2016: Returned to scene study class with master teacher, Richard Lawson.

July 29th, 2016: 


April 20th, 2016: Screening of my short, "Betye Saar: The Alpha & The Omega" at CAAM (California African American Museum) located near USC and across from the Science Museum. 7pm sharp.

March 26th, 2016: Proud to announce that I am acting in a feature film called "Hold On" starring Luis Guzman and directed by Tarek Tohme. Filming my scenes on April 21st! Check out our official Facebook fan page at:


March 22nd, 2016: As a member of Phaedra Harris's acting lab, we had to sing a Broadway song at Sal's on Melrose Ave. I sang "Ain't Misbehavin'". Hats off to Nell Carter, may she rest in peace.


March 12th, 2016: Had fun shooting the role of Principal Sheridan in the high school drama short film, "The All-Star", in Coachella!

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